8 (800) 775 16 72

Opening hours of the hot line 04:00 - 19:00 Moscow time.

Dear friends, we hasten to inform you that the range of services in our car service has expanded and now we offer You the best quality TIRE!!!

With us:
— respect for and experience with low profile up to 24 inches
— wheel wash for FREE*
packaging of tires in packages or specials. bags
— fill the wheels with nitrogen
— removing / installing wheels
— mounting / Dismounting tires
— balancing
— if necessary, disposal is not desired tires / wheels
— warehouse storage
— a huge range of nuts, bolts, nipples and reducers
— and much more...

— call 8-391-277-77-25 or to arrive at Krasnoyarsk, Vavilova str 1/51

We Are Waiting For You!

*wheel wash is free when you choose the package "complex 4 wheels".


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