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In the process of in-car tuning, special attention is paid to the steering wheel of the car. As a rule, with the modernization of driving qualities, there is a need to reflect this in the interior. Therefore, the decision to buy a sports steering wheel is one of the most frequent. The Forward Auto virtual auto market offers a collection of sports-style auto parts for tuning and replacing the regular one.

We supply automotive products to private car owners, as well as cooperate with companies and tuning bureaus. High-quality certified anatomical steering wheels, prompt delivery from availability or under order to any city of the Russian Federation and a large selection – the main advantages forwardauto.ru.

Sports steering wheel catalog

A sports steering wheel has more stringent requirements than a standard one. For example, the tighter the contact between the steering wheel and the autopilot's hands, the more accurate the maneuvering. We create an assortment that takes into account the requirements for comfort, sensitivity, and departure. We offer cheap sports steering wheel:

  • with a braid of leather, suede and other modern durable materials;
  • in a variety of colours;
  • with a diameter of 320 mm or more;
  • with different departures (from zero to large);
  • in a sustained style.

Selection of sports steering wheels

To find a specific model in the catalog, use the article search. In other cases, contact our managers. We will help you buy a car steering wheel based on the model, preferences, your requirements and budget. If necessary, we will bring it to order. There are pick-up points in Moscow, Krasnodar, and Krasnoyarsk.

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