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The air filter is one of the simplest yet important elements
designed to prevent the ingress of dust particles, debris, stones, system of preparation of fuel-air mixture.

The most common design of filters:

Regardless of the design, the material of the filter element can be:
-Paper (cardboard) is the most common and widely used, cheap, but requires more frequent replacement.
Cotton – often used in "filters of zero resistance"consists of cotton fabric to a metal grid, creates less resistance to incoming air, which may entail a small increase in power. The disadvantages include cost, the need for periodic impregnation of the filter element, and most importantly the likelihood of dust entering the engine increases slightly.
-Foam filters made of several layers of varying density offer superior filtering qualities, but create unnecessary resistance, and also need maintenance.
- Metal – rare filters. Have excellent performance cleaning, no maintenance, have low resistance, but are quite expensive, harder to find, and because of the low resistance when the muddy roads can pass dust particles.

To determine that the air filter is time to change easy the main features include:

-Appearance – trash, leaves, dust and other litter is not conducive to the best air intake;
-Loss of power – a bit more complicated for those who do not "feel" the car;
-Increased fuel consumption – the engine burns no fuel, and the fuel-air mixture, respectively, with a smaller amount of incoming air the engine will start to compensate for this fuel;
-Increased CO2 output into the atmosphere as a consequence of the previous paragraph.

Air filter replacement included in the mandatory regulations the vehicle as recommended by the manufacturer, and "household". Regular replacement should be every 10-15 thousand km, but many recommend changing the filter every six months.