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Brake pads are one of the main components of the braking system, ensuring immediate braking of the vehicle and require regular checks and replacement,
depending on the degree of wear.

To determine the wear possible:
- Independently
- In our service
If the pads are equipped with special plates with "scriptonly"
- If the vehicle is equipped with a specialwear sensorbrake pads.

The choice of pads should be treated very seriously, because it affects Your safety, the safety of others and for comfort and control.

Depending on Your wishes, we can offer:

-Semi-metallic – pads are comparable in performance with what is from the factory;
-Metal – have excellent braking characteristics, but stronger wornbrake discs;
-Ceramic is less prone to overheating and do not lose their properties when wet;
-Organic – made of organic fibers, ExC brake, tend not to wear the rest of the brake system, but I'm afraid of water, quick to wear and "dust".

When installing new brake pads it is necessary to lubricate the rails, which moves the pad when braking, and the pads to prevent heat brake fluidspecial grease.

Selection is done on the car, catalogue the OEM number or by VIN number