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Price, RUB

Virtual store of goods for tuning "Forward Auto" offers to buy throttle valves assembled. The element regulates the supply of the fuel-air mixture, affecting the throughput and allowing the full potential of the engine to be revealed. The throttle is used with both petrol and diesel engines. Our store offers components of the intake system in Moscow, Krasnodar, Krasnoyarsk. There is a pickup, as well as delivery to other regions of Russia and abroad.

New throttle valves

In our catalog, you can choose and buy elements of various diameters and production. In assortment:

  • the throttle valve Assembly 72, 79, 80 mm, etc.;
  • universal model;
  • flanges, adapters, and other related products for tuning and servicing the intake system.

We deliver out of stock and bring to order.

The price of the throttle

We work without intermediaries, maintaining an affordable price level. To find out how much the throttle valve of the manufacturer and parameters you are interested in, contact our specialists. If the item is under the order, we will specify the current price at the time of the request.

Contact us to buy a new throttle if the acceleration of the car has worsened or the smoothness of the ride has decreased.

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