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Turbocharging is a method of supercharging air into an engine based on the use of exhaust gas power. The main element of the system is a turbocharger.
Turbocharging is the most effective way to increase the power of a car without increasing the number of revolutions of the crankshaft. Turbines also serve to increase efficiency in gasoline and diesel engines

Constructively in the cochlea of the turbine it is possible to allocate two basic elements:
- Turbine wheel – a specially shaped wheel made of heat-resistant alloys that rotates due to the exhaust gas output;
Compressor wheel-draws in, compresses air and pumps it into the engine cylinders.

The turbine wheels are rigidly fixed on the rotor shaft rotating on bearings.
The bearings are lubricated using engine oil.

The main components of the turbo system are:

-Air intake

-Air filter



-Intake manifold

-Exhaust manifold

Due to the design features of the turbine, when pressing on the gas pedal is delay in power increase – tn "turbojam", "turbolag", and after overcoming "turboyamy" there is a sharp increase in power – "turbopower»

There are three ways to overcome such abrupt transitions:
- Turbines with variable impeller geometry – where, depending on the speed, the position of the lobes on the turbine wheel changes.
- Installation of two consecutive turbines of different sizes.
- Installation of a mechanical supercharger and turbine (often found on TSI family engines)

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