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In the range forwardauto.ru -a large selection of spare parts and accessories for tuning the cooling system in cars of any brand and generation. We offer to buy profitable silicone radiator pipes. When upgrading a car, regular rubber elements are replaced with more practical and reliable silicone ones for a number of reasons:

  • silicone pipes last a long time;
  • just install;
  • dampen excess vibration, providing a reliable connection of the elements of the system.

We offer automotive products for tuning and repair with delivery to any point of the Russian Federation. For residents of Krasnoyarsk, Krasnodar and Moscow, pickup from the pick-up point is available.

Silicone radiator pipes in the range

The catalog presents products in stock and available for order:

  • pipes for Russian cars and foreign cars;
  • silicone pipes included for the entire car cooling system;
  • transparent and colored hoses and pipes.

The range includes kits for Toyota, Nissan, Subaru, Volkswagen, GAZ, VAZ, etc.

Online ordering of silicone radiator pipes

Placing an order through the shopping cart on the site will take a couple of minutes. You can also leave a request by phone. Our managers advise on the range of silicone and aluminum pipes for radiators and cooling systems.

Also for car tuning buy intercooler pipes