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Clutch kits

Aggressive driving can disable the regular clutch of the car, "rewarding" the car with jerks and jerks at each start. Therefore, fans of polihachit and pogazovat, as well as participants of races without tuning the transmission can not do. Buy a clutch kit at a low price offers "Forward Auto". A properly selected component is able to transmit more torque without increasing the downforce of the basket, which in the end will give a good start, without a ragged mode.

Our range includes high-quality, wear-resistant components for the transmission with delivery in Moscow, pickup in Krasnodar and Krasnoyarsk. We also work with other regions of Russia.

Clutch kit catalog

In stock and on order available:

  • certified components;
  • complete clutch kits;
  • 2-disc, 3-disc, reinforced;
  • the clutch basket Assembly;
  • produced by AST, Exedy, Nismo, OS Giken and others;
  • original and analog spare parts.

Products undergo thorough pre-sale preparation, excluding factory defects.

Selection of clutch kits

Our catalog is regularly updated with wear-resistant solutions for forced engines. Forward Auto experts will help you choose a clutch kit with a release bearing for your car modification. If you do not find the desired option in the catalog, leave a request on the website, we will find and deliver it quickly and responsibly. Get advice on compatibility of components, delivery of clutch discs in Assembly from our managers by phone or online.

They also buy clutch baskets for car tuning