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Fabric VELCRO retaining straps from the company TechFlex. The present invention is intended for temporary mounting wiring, hoses, tubes and the like together or to the vehicle body.

The straps are reusable and can withstand an average load on the disconnection of about 50 kg. Fixed clamps through the holes at one end into which is inserted the second end and the entire free part of the tip is secured around itself, the sticky part. Brand-name tape VELCRO are ergonomic and convenient in installation or fixation.

Novruzova sticky tapes can be used in agriculture and life or be lagersysteme analogues nylon clamps.

- Available in various lengths from 120 to 460 mm;
- Available in wide range of colors;
- Great for securing wires;
- Can be cycled to open and close hundreds of times;
- Perfect for electrical and network color-coding.


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