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Flying gears, or how to get to the podium in Ryazan.

Ryazan highway Atron International Circuit very methodically feel the strength of not only cars, but also all employees, relevant to our racing team! 5 stage of the Russian Drift Series was no exception. Despite the relatively good result: third place in individual and second in the team competition, and this time was not without adventure beyond the race track. As a rule, behind the scenes events occur no less exciting than on the track. Those events which we will tell you!

It would seem that the most exciting for our team when the race was supposed to be expressive contact "candy" NGK S14 Boss, affectionately known as the car of Vladimir realistic headlights the audience, with the wall during first attempt of passing skills. Mechanics then showed miracles of possession with colored tape, very helpful and incredibly the way to be near the Creator of all these bodies - Sergei. The hatchback has again become more similar to the coupe, and in the third poptique on the "wounded" car Vladimir still managed to make effective travel and show the result in 88 points that secured him in 29th place. To fight the twin race car with a broken geometry, and damaged the rear subframe was already hard, so Vladimir took only 30 by the end of the stage. Despite the drama of this history, the restoration of the rear of the car was for the team is not the most difficult of tasks.

The second time stopped the heart, when it became inevitable meeting Ivan Nikulin and Georgi realistic headlights at the stage of TOP16. This duel did not allow us to "get" the points in the Treasury team to fight for the victory in the team standings. Always want to see team Derby as close as possible to the final!

The main adventure lasted for two days and affected cities that are separated by thousands of miles! The fact that at the same point of the track, which in the previous race cost the life of the propeller shaft, the first training on Thursday failed gear input shaft is incredibly tough and reliable, it would seem, gearbox Drenth MPG on the NGK Silvia S15 George realistic headlights, which was an absolute surprise. Spare parts with us, we were not in Krasnoyarsk lay in stock components from the second box, waiting for preventive bulkheads. Needless to say that minutes before opening the box waiting for the verdict - Yes, broken in this CAT we have at home, and we can pack up and go on, was incredibly tense?

Krasnoyarsk, 2am. Call: "Immediately rush to the warehouse, grab the checkpoint and jump on a plane to Moscow!". Some follow-up calls, ticket selection on the next flight, the usual laugh from airport security, where staff already know the white tape with black and red logo, because they definitely Packed some incomprehensible, sorry for the quote, "thingy" and now - breaking four time zones, our transmission arrives in the capital at 7 Friday morning, just 9 hours until qualifying! Familiar with the Moscow traffic jams of people ask the question - what the hell were you hoping for? Not only that, to Ryazan it is necessary to reach, and to two different broken machine to make one working takes time! This situation was foreseen in the spring, so by the morning qualifying the car was collected on a standard transmission from RB25DET, which we all season prior to this had carried on all the steps "just in case". Realizing that a standard box from Skyline, though, and equipped with from the factory 280-horsepower engine, can not withstand the avalanche of power, the boost pressure is lowered, and George had to carefully work the clutch pedal. A score of 92,5 points and 5th place instead of tenshodo we took it as an excuse to further strain, and to the Saturday fight mechanics price of sleepless nights provided the car is ready to compete without any reservations.

Useful experience obtained. A list of what you need to prepare for the race replenished, and we in emergency mode ready to race in Nizhny Novgorod! See you at the Nizhny Novgorod ring already on August 17-19!


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Opinion of experts

The use of the car in racing conditions, in particular the drift, provides a hard, sometimes even barbaric, operation of the transmission. Today, when many of the components are derived from road cars, stock their strength may not be enough.

"Breaking" the set of nodes transmissions, came to the necessity of solving the problem of overheating of the oil due to its small volume and constructive for the lack of cooling at the most popular units geared R200 from a Nissan Silvia transmission from a Nissan 300ZX, Skyline, Silvia, Toyota MarkII, Soarer, Supra.

The nature of wear has been removed for Troubleshooting nodes pointed to overheating as the cause, and this cause was decided to be addressed.

Pump brand Tilton chose for installation on the principle of "set and forget", it's a site with a great combination of reliability and performance.
The complexity and the costs of organizing the cooling of the transmission is worth it, because any failure in the transmission, not only repair costs, but the risk to go during the race.

I recommend to use a magnetic trap and flow-through filter.

Tacznosci pressure gauge in the drift has already become almost as important a parameter as in the ring - tire pressure is adjustable up to 0.1-0.2 ATM.

Chose RAYS because it is the absolute authority in the Affairs of the wheel, the pressure gauge is a reliable, shock-resistant (thanks to prorezinennogo the case), very easy to operate.

I realized that I was right when I saw this gauge Katie Gray, Busygin, Pasha, gochi realistic headlights.

I think that this thing will last me a long time.

The need to "boost" coolant circulation at a maximum distance from the inline pumps have motors almost always, and SR series engines are no exception.

The spacer was developed by engineers of the Japanese teamhttp://ameblo.jp/scorch/for improved cooling of the cylinder liner 4, which allows to avoid local overheating characteristic of the SR20 motor with high power.

Increase the reliability of the engine, reducing risks of overheating and detonation in the cylinder without significant complications in the design.

Use in the manufacture of exhausts in 2012.

Fits perfectly under the pipe on the Russian market - the pipe is inserted and obvalivautsya that allows you to accurately, conveniently and quickly scald the tube without special tool.

Thanks to the stiffening ribs, these flanges have high rigidity, in contrast to the flat - not leading them by welding.

Use in the manufacture of exhausts in 2012.

Fits perfectly under the pipe on the Russian market - the pipe is inserted and obvalivautsya that allows you to accurately, conveniently and quickly scald the tube without special tool.

Thanks to the stiffening ribs, these flanges have high rigidity, in contrast to the flat - not leading them by welding.

Effective silent cooling solution for liquids - direct and return lines of the fuel system, oil, Gur, oil automatic transmission in places where layout considerations it is difficult to place a radiator with a more conventional configuration.

For example, Silvia is very convenient to realize the cooling of the fuel way from the fuel pump to the engine.

Can be cut to the desired length for a perfect layout.
Classic cars can even be placed on view, for example, under the bumper, looks great, works even better!