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10 million kilometres of wire in its 50 years of production, it was possible to give the most important characteristics of high quality wire brand TE Connectivity.
It's not just "posting for cars", and even "wire for a sports car" high – quality products, you can rely on and trust her the most critical components and assemblies that require the transfer of energy through the wires.
The main purpose of the cables from TE Connectivity in the U.S. – the needs of the aerospace and military industry. Such wiring used in Boeing civil aircraft, in civil and governmental NASA satellites, combat helicopters, American aviation and ground military vehicles of army of the USA and Canada.
Without false modesty we can say that TE Connectivity is one of the best manufacturers in the world of wired communications. Reference quality and unmatched reliability in even the most extreme conditions.
Initially, the wires from the TE were developed for aerospace industry and aircraft construction, but this specificity and made the leads of this brand so popular and sought after in Motorsport. After all, aircraft designers and engineers racing cars very similar wiring requirements – low weight, high reliability, low toxicity and high fire safety.
Products deliberately designed for use in a closed space under high load conditions where any mistake can cost too much. Wire, laid in a racing car should not catch fire, rasplavitsya, oxidize, break or crack. They have to withstand more than a wire ordinary civilian cars.
In the manufacture of wires TE Connectivity, implemented a number of unique patented technologies, such as weaving the wire, and the manufacture of insulating braid. With a record low weight, these wires are amazingly resistant to mechanical damage, abrasion, aggressive chemicals (oil, acid, fuel) and high temperatures.
Wire TE Connectivity is the best solution for those who are looking to build a sports car seriously.

    -Wire M22759 Tefzel
    -Connectors, Deutsch DT
    -Heat shrink tubing and Raychem covers
    -Connectors in the wall


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