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Design Engineering Incorporated is one of the largest American companies that manufacture thermal and acoustic materials for revision of the civil and sports cars, motorcycles. The main office is located in the small town of Avon lake, Ohio.
Since 1995, DEI manufactures products for any motor vehicles: sports cars, SUVs, buggies, motorcycles, industrial, military and aeronautical equipment.
Spectrum of activity of the company is much more than just insulation materials. The guys from this company are real experts in questions of thermal insulation and cryogenic engineering. So, DEI has several subsidiaries: a complex cooling systems Cry02 intake system nitrous oxide under the brand name NY-Tex, a popular brand of noise-proof materials, Boot Mat and chemical production technological additives Radiator cooling Relief.

The range of the Forward Cars full range of insulation materials brand DEI. Thermal coats to the hot parts of the turbines, insulating housings for all kinds of hoses (fuel, oil, cooling systems), insulation tape for exhaust manifolds and all necessary accessories for proper installation.

Main categories of products DEI:
    - different types of termovent;
    - covers for turbines;
    heat - resistant collars and ties;
    self - adhesive thermal insulation fabric;
    - the insulation of the motor shield

Full list of products available on the websiteForward Auto 

 Note:Beware of fakes! The declared characteristics, corresponds toonlyoriginal products of the brand is DEI.


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