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Recall the results of the first stage of the Russian Drift Series 2017!
Personal results:
1. Arkady Tsaregorodtsev Nissan Skyline R34
2. Nikita Shikov Toyota GT86
3. George Chivchan NGK Silvia S15 (command "Forward Auto")
4. Ivan Nikulin Nissan Silvia S15 "Protein" (command "Forward Auto")
10. Vladimir Chivchan NGK Boss S14 (command "Forward Auto")

Team standings:
1. Fail Crew
2. Forward Auto
3. Autoprofi Team

Instead of the traditional review process, we were asked to share their feelings on stage members of our team. Who does not like to tell them about what was happening on the Moscow Raceway track on 5 and 6 may!

Vladimir Chivchan:

"First of all, I want to note the level of the circuit, which we had the honor to speak. Developed infrastructure, comfortable living conditions and quality "track". Unfortunately, not all the tracks in Russia, unable to "boast" that level."
"The complexity of the estimated area at first seemed incredible, but in the process of training it became clear that it is not so scary. Particularly pleased that the pilots of our team were good races."
"For me personally, I'm glad I was able to enjoy their races. In Siberia the accumulated experience helped to adapt quickly to the unfamiliar route. Sometimes not everything in doubles races, but the gap soon I will try to fill."
"The track was very demanding to the technique, so the phase was not without problems and for our team. I was the only one in the team and one of the few in General, whose car had to be repaired during the stage."
"Felt a bit sorry for spectators who had to chill in the stands, but we and our machines cool weather was very welcome. Helmet and overalls quite warm and the engine cold air is only good!"
"The goal for the season is to earn as many points to help the team to fight with rivals. Most certainly, too, want to be on a "pedestal" in the standings, but at the moment the team's success a priority."

Ivan Nikulin:

"The stage first of all, I liked the complexity of the route, this is not experienced behind the wheel. Had to Tinker with the settings of the machine and to tune it to get a decent result. Not to mention of course the level of the circuit, from the stands, ending with the curbs."
"Our team has shown itself as a powerful team, all problems were solved smoothly and in the shortest possible time! A big thank you to all who worked on these two days is hard!"
"Not without problems and anxious moments. During the race several times I mentally "Packed suitcase" home, but at the right time the problem was resolved and I continued to struggle. Before qualification there is a problem with the engine, so had to be nervous and only at the third attempt managed to pass it. The next day, even had to miss the parade because of the detached cardan, but in that time managed to revive the car!"
"The hardest was in the top 16, where I went without a fight, thanks to the third place in qualifying. To start pair runs against such a strong opponent as Damir Idiatulin is not always easy. Fortunately, everything turned out well for me."
"Sorry, that is not oriented in the changed weather conditions before TOP4, the track temperature dropped by 7 degrees and started to rain. Not enough warm tires is not allowed to stay on the track in the first race."
"The race for third place with Gocha was very steep over the entire stage. Glad I hit on a teammate, but a little disappointed that it didn't happen in the final, and in the race for third place."
"The main thing that gave me the first step is confidence! In the next stages I will try to do everything to take higher place!"

George Chivchan:

"It was the coolest stage of RDS for me since we first went to the competition, a great team and showed a decent result. Thanks to teammates less distracted by problems and more focused directly on race. The first experience showed that we are on the right track, but to stop there we are not going and has already identified some steps for further development of our racing team."
"The track was pleased with his "entourage" and comfort her. Still don't often get the opportunity to speak to such modern and equipped with tracks."
"Pleased with the level of races teammates. Vova on the General background looked confident and dignified, and driveways Vanya can be called one of the most entertaining and correct."
"It is gratifying that a lot of work on cars in the offseason came to fruition: S14 has not caused any problem, and "Protein" is well-balanced and competitive, and most importantly, Ivan was pleased with his updated S15."
"In preparation for the season we decided not to change the settings of my car at the suspension and transmission. The new engine became a kind of experiment from which we gained useful experience, and later use it not only in the team cars, but also in the preparation of the client machines in the "Auto Forward"."
"Certainly high spoilers – it's beautiful, but in the case of the highway Moscow Raceway had to take them out, as they are too loaded rear part of the car in high-speed arc."
"The first pancake came out lumpy, but fully satisfied with the stage to be impossible. We have room to grow and most importantly, we know how to achieve that growth. See you in the Bottom!"

Already on 26 and 27 may, our team will perform in the second stage of RDS on favorite with spectators and pilots a highway in Nizhny Novgorod "N Ring"!


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Opinion of experts

The need to "boost" coolant circulation at a maximum distance from the inline pumps have motors almost always, and SR series engines are no exception.

The spacer was developed by engineers of the Japanese teamhttp://ameblo.jp/scorch/for improved cooling of the cylinder liner 4, which allows to avoid local overheating characteristic of the SR20 motor with high power.

Increase the reliability of the engine, reducing risks of overheating and detonation in the cylinder without significant complications in the design.

Tacznosci pressure gauge in the drift has already become almost as important a parameter as in the ring - tire pressure is adjustable up to 0.1-0.2 ATM.

Chose RAYS because it is the absolute authority in the Affairs of the wheel, the pressure gauge is a reliable, shock-resistant (thanks to prorezinennogo the case), very easy to operate.

I realized that I was right when I saw this gauge Katie Gray, Busygin, Pasha, gochi realistic headlights.

I think that this thing will last me a long time.

The use of the car in racing conditions, in particular the drift, provides a hard, sometimes even barbaric, operation of the transmission. Today, when many of the components are derived from road cars, stock their strength may not be enough.

"Breaking" the set of nodes transmissions, came to the necessity of solving the problem of overheating of the oil due to its small volume and constructive for the lack of cooling at the most popular units geared R200 from a Nissan Silvia transmission from a Nissan 300ZX, Skyline, Silvia, Toyota MarkII, Soarer, Supra.

The nature of wear has been removed for Troubleshooting nodes pointed to overheating as the cause, and this cause was decided to be addressed.

Pump brand Tilton chose for installation on the principle of "set and forget", it's a site with a great combination of reliability and performance.
The complexity and the costs of organizing the cooling of the transmission is worth it, because any failure in the transmission, not only repair costs, but the risk to go during the race.

I recommend to use a magnetic trap and flow-through filter.

Use in the manufacture of exhausts in 2012.

Fits perfectly under the pipe on the Russian market - the pipe is inserted and obvalivautsya that allows you to accurately, conveniently and quickly scald the tube without special tool.

Thanks to the stiffening ribs, these flanges have high rigidity, in contrast to the flat - not leading them by welding.

Effective silent cooling solution for liquids - direct and return lines of the fuel system, oil, Gur, oil automatic transmission in places where layout considerations it is difficult to place a radiator with a more conventional configuration.

For example, Silvia is very convenient to realize the cooling of the fuel way from the fuel pump to the engine.

Can be cut to the desired length for a perfect layout.
Classic cars can even be placed on view, for example, under the bumper, looks great, works even better!

Use in the manufacture of exhausts in 2012.

Fits perfectly under the pipe on the Russian market - the pipe is inserted and obvalivautsya that allows you to accurately, conveniently and quickly scald the tube without special tool.

Thanks to the stiffening ribs, these flanges have high rigidity, in contrast to the flat - not leading them by welding.