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Dear friends! We are glad to present you beta version of our new website.

The main new feature is responsive design. Thereby it can be used with any modern device, be it smartphone, tablet or personal computer.

Not without victims: we are dropping support for older browsers. I hope this is not a major impact on our users.

So what's new

First, we have a "dude's set" any self-respecting their customers, the online store:

Secondly, seriously reworkedproduct catalog:

  • Changed the structure of sections and continue to work on it
  • Added the ability to filter products. At the moment filtering is available on the General parameters: price, availability in the selected region and its applicability to the car.
  • Introduced sorting of goods and two options display the directory itself
  • Added the ability to rate products and discuss them with other user

In the third job on the content

  • Appeared expert opinion about the merchandise. For this we invitedknown in Motorsport peopleand asked them to share the experience of operation of various accessories and consumables.
  • Together with the views of experts is opensection carson which was tested the components. Each car will be published a detailed spec-sheets with the possibility to order any product from this list.

In the nearest plans of testing out new functionality. Make sure everything is working properly and does not cause additional problems for users.

In addition to technical issues, we have much routine work:

  • content descriptions of goods, reconciliation and adjustment articles
  • binding of products to the catalogue of cars

  • enter the specific parameters for each of the categories of goods

  • and more

At the time of "running in" the old website will continue its work at the same addressforvardavto.ru

Looking forward to your feedback!

PS For any issues related to this new site, please write toe@forvardavto.ruor call by phone +7 (495) 268-06-35 with the code word "WEBSITE"


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