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On July 24-25, 2015 at the racetrack, "Smolensk ring", Smolensk oblast, was the fourth stage of the all-Russian official competitions drift "Russian Drift Series". 25 pilots from different cities of Russia and Belarus competed for the title of winner of the fourth stage. Great Sunny weather, numerous spectators, the exciting fight on the race track with a unique configuration and the special atmosphere of the most spectacular motor racing event, that's what will be remembered the fourth stage of the "Russian Drift Series" 2015.

On Friday in qualifying the best was the eminent guest from Siberia, George Chivchan on his Nissan Silvia S15. The judges praised him for 98,43 points. The second result showed the Belarusian pilot Sergey Sak for BMW E46, typing 97,63 points. And the third place was taken by Yaroslav guys on the Toyota Supra from Valvoline Drift Team. Pilot from Moscow Domodedovo progresses from stage to stage, and "Smolensk ring" for the first time he showed himself such a good result in qualifying — 96,17 points. Track for drifting, with a length of 850 meters, consisted of 3 sectors, the first of which is the high-speed section in the calendar RDS. The highest speed on the setting the vehicle into a skid 156 km/h was shown by Andrey Bogdanov on the BMW E36.

On Saturday, a pair runs TOP 24. More than two thousand spectators gathered to watch spectacular close drift in the smoke. The races really exciting. The final of the competition came a pilot of Moskovskoy team TOYO Tires Gorilla Energy GT-Shop Pavel Busygin on the Toyota Supra and the pilot from Krasnoyarsk Gocha Chivchan. Last year on the "Smolensk ring" took place on 3 re-run of the Final, but this year no re-run no cost! As a result, the fans saw four spectacular and beautiful final race. Responsive the audience actively supported both of the finalists and, it seemed, was willing to watch the re-run endlessly! In the end the best was the Siberian drifter that lost in the first round to the leader of the RDS this year Eugene Ruzheinikov, made their way to the Finals through the losers bracket. By the way, Gocha was found and passed through the mesh all three Champions RDS, and Andrei Bogdanov.

George Chivchan, the winner of the fourth stage of the "Russian Drift Series": "Track "Smolensk ring" speed, we were prepared and took two gearboxes with different ratios to find the optimal settings. Important here is the power of the car and it is difficult to find the correct path. Of course, most of all I remember the finals with Pavel Busygin. There were many, I had to learn where the pilot is fast, where a little slowing down. And each subsequent check was given easier and easier. I believe that the finals were one of the best. Next race I have in Japan on the track of Ebisu. After her food in Krasnoyarsk in the fourth stage RDS-Siberia. Sorry, back to the Western part will not work this season, although I would love“.

"Russian Drift Series" returns to the Metropolitan region, the fifth stage will be held on 14-15 August in the Moscow suburb of Myachkovo, on autodrome "ADM Raceway". Before the fifth stage in the Series is still leading the pilot TOYO Tires Gorilla Energy GT-Shop Eugene Rifleman. To his credit, after the Smolensk 744 points. The second line is Andrei Bogdanov (684 points). For the third place fight two teammate TOYO Tires Gorilla Energy GT-Shop Evgeniy Satyukov (597 points) and Pavel Busygin (527 points). The reigning champion of the "Russian Drift Series" occupies only the fifth line of the Protocol with 495 points.

In the team competition remains the undisputed leader of the team TOYO Tires Gorilla Energy GT-Shop (1509 points). And for the second place struggle lead two teams — the Tuning Factory (658 points) and Valvoline Drift Team (539 points).



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