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Toyota Rear Toe Control Arms

The lever is a key element in the suspension of the car, physically connecting the wheels with the power elements of the body, determining the nature of movement of the wheels relative to each other and the body, transmitting longitudinal and lateral forces to the body.

The lever in the suspension of a passenger car is a guide element that determines the position of the wheels relative to the body and each other through adjustment. In the N1 levers, adjustment is made by changing the geometric dimensions of the product itself, which allows you to change the parameters of the wheel mounting angles ("camber", UUK) in a wide range of standard and special sports tasks.

All levers are equipped with ball bearings instead of elastic elements of the "silent block" type for a more accurate and reliable transfer of forces from the wheels to the body, which allows you to achieve greater suspension rigidity, which has a positive effect on the handling and quality of the suspension in racing modes of operation.

The exceptional reliability of the N1 levers is based on engineering and practical experience in developing suspension elements for racing cars, the highest quality of materials and manufacturing, and strict quality control.

By equipping your car with N1 levers, you will be able to optimize the suspension settings for any of the asphalt racing disciplines, such as ring racing, drag, drift, and for tasks related to changing the appearance of the car - understating, stance, or expanding the track.

Applicability: Toyota Chaser Cresta Mark II Aristo Altezza Lexus IS 1JZ 1JZ-GTE 2JZ-GTE JZX90 JZX100 JZS160 SXE10

Material: S45c steel / Ball joint (Pillow Ball)

Toyota Chaser
Toyota Mark II
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