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The main type of working attachments for a prefabricated locksmith and Assembly tool is the end head. End heads are divided according to the geometry of the working profile, length, and purpose. These tools provide the best conditions for applying work effort compared to other types of tools for working with external work profiles.
Twelve-sided heads are more convenient to use compared to 6-sided ones, since which profile provides more freedom for positioning the head on the mount. However, it has a smaller contact area and exposure to fasteners, especially with high loads, can damage the faces of the fastener, which, combined with a large number of voltage concentrators, somewhat limits the maximum allowable loads applied, again, compared to 6-face heads.
The end head is made of chrome-vanadium steel, has a knurling and a semi-Matt chrome-Nickel coating. The product is manufactured according to the DIN 3124 standard, fully meets the requirements of GOST 104-83.
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