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  Takeda Stage-2 Pro DRY S-cold air supply system, which is a compact double air intake system with zero-resistance filters. 
    In tests conducted by AFE-Advanced FLOW Engineering, this system added approximately 18 HP and 20 N/m of torque to the engine. 
 Takeda intakes are constructed from lightweight anodized aluminum pipes with an internal coating that provides maximum air flow without external resistance. Each of the two receiving pipes has Pro DRY S air filters with high absorption of incoming air. Pro DRY S does not require an oil coating and is easy to clean with soap and water. 
    The Takeda Stage-2 kit includes all pipes, filters, connectors, and other necessary fasteners.

    - Quick and easy installation – complete installation of the kit takes about 40 minutes;
     - Easy and convenient cleaning – the system includes a synthetic air filter Pro DRY S, which does not require lubrication after cleaning;
 - Anodized tube with transparent inner coating-prevents discoloration and oxidation of the suction tube, and reduces the resistance of the absorbing air; 

   Note: Includes S/X/IPL and Convertible models. NOT suitable for sedans. This kit is designed for vehicles with the INFINITI G37 models, 2008-2013 (CARB EO Number D-550-16). 


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