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The injection of water/methanol for turbocharged engines is a proven means of effectively reducing the temperature of the air entering the engine and suppressing harmful detonation. This allows to reliably increase power to 20%. The injection system of the company AEM use the most robust hardware combined with more advanced features than any other system photometering injection in this price range.

Iodomethane injection system suitable for motors with turbocharger designed for different loads.

AEM offers two different injector controller.

One of them is suitable for engines up to 35 (2,4 bar) PSI (kit PN 30-3300). The Boost Dependent controller has a built-in absolute pressure sensor (MAP) and allows you to customize the flow of a mixture of iodomethane progressive.

The second controller AEM Multi-Input (set PN 30-3350) has a structure of multiple inputs, which allows you to read parameters from the MAP or MAF, and the signal loading of the injector, for supplying the necessary injection amount. This allows you to use the injection system on cars with engines designed for different loads and any level of boost pressure. System control signal can be supplied from the native MAP sensor or external MAP sensor (0-5v), with MAF sensor (0-5v), the frequency MAF sensor to use the signal injector. Set injection photometering mixture suitable for installation for heavily modified engines with boost over 35 PSI (2.4 bar).

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