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«Forward Auto» Online Store Product Return Policy

1) Before you start using the purchased goods, we recommend that you read the operating instructions attached to it.

2) If you have any questions about the quality of the purchased goods, their use or order picking, contact the Forward Auto online store customer service by phone 8-800-775-16-72 (toll-free in Russia) or by email info@forvardavto.ru . In the letter, it is necessary to describe the problem and attach to it photographs of the invoice and goods about which the question arose.

3) The return of goods is carried out through transport companies in agreement with the manager. To do this, after contacting the service department of the Forward Auto online store, you need to send the goods in their original packaging with the additionally ordered service “Hard Cargo Packing”. To return a product, you must specify the details of the unit in which you placed the order

4) When returning the goods to the parcel, you must attach: 
— returned goods in factory packaging and fully loaded;
— applications for the return / exchange of goods (the sample will be sent by the manager).

5) Only goods purchased in the Forward Auto online store (FE Chivchyan G.T.) from the individual who placed the order are accepted for return.

6) Cash paid for the returned goods will be returned to you by bank transfer, and in case of payment for the goods electronically (bank cards, electronic wallets), the money will be returned to your bank account from which the goods were paid. The terms for the return of funds are calculated from the moment the returned goods arrive at our company in accordance with the Rules for the sale of goods remotely.

If you received the goods turned out to be of inadequate quality

1) If the goods that you purchased in the Forward Auto online store turned out to be of inadequate quality, you can return it within 14 days from the receipt of the order in accordance with the Forward Auto Online Store return policy.

2) If a warranty period has been established for a product and a product malfunction has been identified during this warranty period, the product can also be returned in accordance with the “Forward Auto Online Store Product Return Policy.

3) After receiving your parcel with the returned product and confirming the factory defect, we will exchange the defective product for a quality one by sending it to you and return the money you spent on shipping or refund the money paid for the product.
If the returned goods do not have defects or it is established that the cause of the malfunction is not related to manufacturing defects, then the money for the goods and postage for shipping will not be returned to you.

If the item received does not match your order
If, after receiving the parcel, it was found that it contained goods that you did not order, contact the Forward Auto online store customer service by phone 8-800-775-16-72 (toll-free in Russia) or by email info@forvardavto.ru .
The procedure for returning goods that does not correspond to the customer’s order is also similar to the return of goods of inadequate quality and is provided for in the “Rules for Returning Goods of the Forward Auto Online Store.
If you find a shortage in the package, then you need to fill out an application form on your behalf with a request to send the goods or parts specified in the package, and send it by E-mail: info@forvardavto.ru .
After receiving the application, we will contact you to clarify possible issues, the availability of the indicated goods or details and inform the approximate date of dispatch of the goods or refund.
If the goods are of good quality
You can refuse the goods of good quality within 7 days from the date of receipt. Good quality goods can be accepted for return if they were not in use, their consumer properties, presentation, original packaging and labels are preserved.
If you refuse the goods of good quality, you will be refunded the cost of the goods, minus the costs of the Forward Auto online store for the delivery of goods (shipping costs, telephone calls).
Please note that the returned product should not be included in the list of non-food goods of good quality, not subject to return or exchange, approved by Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 55 of 01/19/1998.