8 (800) 775 16 72

Opening hours of the hot line 04:00 - 19:00 Moscow time.

Friends, in connection with the opening of a new service center, we are running a free oil change.

Time of event: until its abolition.

Conditions of the promotion are simple

  • Buy in one of our stores at least 4 litres of engine oil and oil filter.

  • Written to change the oil on the stock by phone +7 (391) 277-77-25

  • Come to the service, located at Krasnoyarsk, street 2-I Bryansk, 20K, or at Krasnoyarsk, Vavilova str. 1 p. 51 and present the purchase receipt of the engine oil and filter

  • Get service on oil change for free!

There are some restrictions on car size, so if you plan to arrive on something large and heavy, previously phoned the Manager of the service.

Telephone information: +7 (391) 277-77-25
Services address: Krasnoyarsk, street 2-I Bryansk, 20K
Krasnoyarsk, Vavilova str., 1 p. 51

The rules of the campaign


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