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Electric scooter - "Crazy wagon"

    We present you an electric tricycle from the company Velocefiro - " Mad Truck "or in translation from Forward Auto" Crazy Wagon", the exterior of which was created by the famous Italian industrial designer Alessandro Tartarini.
 This "Wagon" differs from its compatriots - a powerful electric motor of 2 kW (2000 W), which allows you to accelerate a 75-kilogram car to 45 km/h and carry up to 150 kilograms of cargo: 2 average weight of a person, 1 person and 2 heavy tourist backpacks, 1 person and 20 red bricks, or 1 person and 5 Pets (cats or dogs). A small load can be placed in a stylish wooden box with a volume of 27 liters located in the front.
    The tricycle chassis is designed for small off-road driving and driving on paved surfaces. The front is a multi-link suspension with disc brakes, which allows you to tilt the scooter in turns, for ease of control. The rear part of the transmission includes: electric motor, chain drive, drive sprocket, drive wheel and ventilated disc brakes. 
   The chassis is equipped with: a steering column with an information Board and controls of the device, a seat stand and the seat itself, a curved wooden footrest, as well as a stern wooden box for transporting small cargo or hand Luggage.
  Head-mounted led optics, working in conjunction with lenses, allows you to illuminate the road surface a few meters ahead of you. The tail light of the stop signal will allow you to warn other traffic participants about your intention to slow down the "Cart".
     Mad Truck, equipped with three impressive for its size, inflatable tires with a 10-mm tread. These 14-inch wheels have high damping properties, effectively cushioning bumps while driving on rough terrain. 

   The "crazy wagon" is significantly cleaner than a gasoline-powered motor vehicle.


     Electric Motor-2000 W/60 V/20 A;
     Load capacity-150 kg;
     Frame material-high-strength steel;
     Battery - 48 V/12 A;
     Battery type and capacity-Lead-acid, 20 Am / h;
     Driving distance without charging - 45 km;
     The maximum driving speed is 45 km / h;
     Time to recharge the battery - from 4 to 6 hours;
     Charging voltage - from 110 to 220 V;
     The material of the footrests - Molded wood;
     Dashboard-the dashboard led;
     Head lighting-lensed led;
     Folding frame-Available;
     The outer diameter of the tires - 14";
     Suspension - Front-multi-link, rear-shock absorber; 
     Front brakes-Double vented brake disc;
     Rear brakes-Ventilated brake disc;
     Chain Drive;
     The weight of the scooter is 75 kg;
     Overall dimensions when folded - 1370*600*550 mm;
     Overall dimensions in the unfolded state - 1380*630*570 mm;
     "CE" marking is Available.

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