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TTi GTO sequential gearbox are well proven in motor racing: they are light, compact, easy to maintain, and most importantly — reliable.

Gears and couplings, as well as any other details that you may require with Rebelde, always in stock

In endurance races is an indicator of the maximum allowable time – 890 Nm. The manufacturer of these babies ensures that in this situation they are able to cope for at least 24 consecutive hours. Inspires confidence, doesn't it? Use on our combat units "Rocketboss S14" and "180SX" with more than 700Nm of torque and 265 mm tire.

Sequential checkpoint from the company TTINDUSTRIES. Production - New Zealand Number of gears: 5 Oil volume: 1.2 liters. Recommended oil viscosity: 75w-140 / 85w-140 Standard delivery set: - Checkpoint for standard bell SR20 - The shift rod - Two-lever gearshift stage (IMPORTANT! When ordering specify which side of the steering wheel is on your car) The supplied set of PPC is specified when ordering, you can additionally purchase: - Display - Release bearing - One-lever gearshift stage
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