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Use 2010 for all race cars of our team - Subaru Impreza, Nissan Silvia.

Nuts are experiencing a wide variety of loads - different mechanics, different tools, different haste, because during the races regularly something goes wrong! Unscrew and tighten their manual, pneumatic, electric tools, removing the wheels hundreds of times a year - and still I use the same nuts that put it on the car to try the advantages of the rotating sleeve on the cone nut.

The higher the quality and reliability of these confirmed nut case.

Nuts for attaching wheels. Cold forging of nuts is designed for superior strength and durability of products. Knowing that racing cars must withstand various types of loads during the drift, the manufacturer chooses the premium material SCM440 (the closest analogues of the material: 40XFA - structural alloy Steel and 38XM - structural alloy Steel). The product provides maximum durability, is lighter (relative to other parts of the same size and material), and is ideal for racing/street applications.
The engraved TPI logo on one side of each nut and the marked thread size on the other side, using the "TPI Forged" system, guarantee the customer the quality of the TPI company. Each nut has a sandblasted contact surface to prevent scratches on the wheel.
Forged nuts for tuning and safety of your wheels are produced by cold forging using a press with a compression force of 250,000 kg. Suitable for disks with 20 mm wide holes for nuts/bolts. The weight of one nut is 60 grams. The set includes 4 nuts.


Сталь SCM440
Thread type
М12*1,25 мм
Thread length
33 мм
Type of tools for installation
Головка торцевая на 17 мм
Overall length
38 мм
Type boarding the plane
Конус под 60°
Optimal thread length for gear
18 мм
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