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Secret bolts are car fasteners of a unique design designed to protect the wheels from unauthorized removal by intruders. Narrow slot patterns and narrow groove-will resist foreign tools to Unscrew the locks. Each locking bolt is heat-treated to achieve the hardness required for its unsurpassed level of safety.
Cold forging bolts are designed for superior strength and durability of products. Knowing that racing cars must withstand various types of loads during drifting or racing, the manufacturer chooses the premium material SCM440 (the closest analogues of the material: 40XFA-structural alloy Steel and 38XM-structural alloy Steel). The product provides maximum durability, is lighter and is ideal for racing/street applications.
TPI locking bolts set the highest standards in the industry. Cold-stamped locking bolts can reach a strength of 12.9 units, are coated with a triple Nickel chrome coating and are 100% checked manually and visually. All wheel locks function as a normal bolt, but a special tool is required to install and remove them.
Forged bolts for the safety of your wheels are produced by cold forging using a press with a compression force of 250,000 kg. Suitable for disks with 20 mm wide holes for nuts/bolts.


Сталь SCM440
Form of antitheft
Округлая с 5-ю канавками и спецключ
Thread type
М14*1,50 мм
Thread length
60 мм
Overall length
84 мм
Type boarding the plane
Конус под 60°
Optimal thread length for gear
18 мм
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