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The use of the car in racing conditions, in particular the drift, provides a hard, sometimes even barbaric, operation of the transmission. Today, when many of the components are derived from road cars, stock their strength may not be enough.

"Breaking" the set of nodes transmissions, came to the necessity of solving the problem of overheating of the oil due to its small volume and constructive for the lack of cooling at the most popular units geared R200 from a Nissan Silvia transmission from a Nissan 300ZX, Skyline, Silvia, Toyota MarkII, Soarer, Supra.

The nature of wear has been removed for Troubleshooting nodes pointed to overheating as the cause, and this cause was decided to be addressed.

Pump brand Tilton chose for installation on the principle of "set and forget", it's a site with a great combination of reliability and performance.
The complexity and the costs of organizing the cooling of the transmission is worth it, because any failure in the transmission, not only repair costs, but the risk to go during the race.

I recommend to use a magnetic trap and flow-through filter.

Tilton cooling pumps are ideal for pumping oil through transmission and other radiators. They can also be used for many other applications, such as emptying fuel tanks or a circulation cooler. The cooling pumps are equipped with an internal bypass valve and are capable of pumping at a height of up to 2.5 m above the source from which it pumps. Tilton cooling pumps are a forced-flow pump, so its performance is directly proportional to the speed of the engine. For example, if the engine speed increases by 25%, the flow rate also increases by 25%. The Buna pump is designed for use with standard oils and coolants, while the Viton model is designed for use with aggressive liquids.

Intermittent use.

Intermittent pumps are designed for applications where continuous use of the cooling pump is not required, such as switching on/off by the driver or a relay at set temperatures. 

This model should rest after 1-2 hours of operation


Expenditure: 1-2 GPM (4.6-9.1 lit / min)
Port sizes: 3/8" NPT
Recommended line size: AN-8
The minimum size of the line: AN-4
Expenditure: 1-2 GPM (depending on load)
Maximum pressure: 50 PSI (3.4 bar)
Temperature range: 4-71 ° C / Peak: 130°C
Operating voltage: 12-Volt (DC)
Size: 8.57" x 3.93" x 3.62"
Application: transmission, differential, coolant, fuel tanks.

Nissan Skyline
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