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The tial MV-SA 38 mm Westgate is designed specifically for Motorsport applications. The TIAL MV-SA 38 was chosen by many WRC and Grand-am teams.
This Westgate is equipped with a 38 mm valve, and also has thermal insulation and dispersing fins located between the hot part and the valve body.
In addition, the TIAL MV-SA 38 has the ability to connect water cooling. This functionality of the Westgate is able to work under the most extreme loads that are regularly encountered by equipment in the world of professional Motorsport.
High-quality alloys significantly increase the service life of tial westgates. The valves are made of high-temperature nicrfe alloy.
The valve housings are made of 347SS steel. Also note that a high-temperature silicone material Nomex is used for the manufacture of the diaphragm. 

Westgate MV-S 44 has the ability to connect water cooling using AN4 fittings (included), which guarantees correct and stable operation in extreme temperature conditions. An additional radiator with five fins provides heat removal even without connecting the liquid circuit. 

- Flange materials: steel Grade 304L.
- Pipe diameters in the flanges: Input-44 mm; Output-38 mm.
- Thread size: Air M10 x 1.0 (five holes on the body); Water M8 x 1.0 (two holes on the body).
- Springs included with the Westgate: 6 PCs. (yellow, blue, white, black, red, green) 

Overview of box contents: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7qd0ClvUtM

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