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The m22759/32 Tefzel wire has a multi-core structure of tinned copper, the external insulation is made of radiation-modified polymer material ETFE. The additives included in the ETFE polymer slow down and prevent the spread of Gorenje, so the m22759/32 Tefzel wire meets the high requirements of the BSG230 and FAR 25 fire resistance tests.

Brief technical characteristics:

Size-22 AWG
Operating temperature from -65 C to +150 C
Temperature resistance up to 400 C for a short period of time
The insulation thickness is 0.25 mm.
Resistance-5000 MOhm at 300m.
Rated voltage-600V
Abrasive resistance-100 cycles at 150 S
Operating time at high temperature-10,000 hours at 150 C
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