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Truck-Lite & Rigid Industries have jointly developed new led headlamps for installation in standard locations.

Round headlights have a diameter of 7" (17.78 cm), which allows them to be installed on various cars and motorcycles. They use a completely new method of light delivery, based on parabolic reflection technology, which allows you to get a smoother light beam at the output.

The use of metallized optical reflectors provides a clean and more uniform distribution of light than with any other similar technologies.

The optical system of seven-inch led headlights from Truck-Lite & Rigid Industries meets the requirements of FMVSS-108 and CMVSS-108 DOT for both low and high beam.

The new led headlights provide a bright and high light output, the color temperature is close to the temperature of daylight, which significantly improves the light projection distance and overall visibility.

Headlights are immune to damage and shock, vibration. They have a cast aluminum body with non-yellowing polycarbonate glass.

The headlights can be equipped with heated glass, which prevents them from icing in cold weather.

Round seven-inch led headlights from Truck-Lite & Rigid Industries use a standard three-blade H4 connector and are installed in the regular place without alterations on the:

- Land Rover Defender;
- Jeep Wrangler;
- Hummer;
- Mercedes G-class;
- Toyota FJ Cruiser;
- UAZ Hunter;
- LADA 4×4 (Niva);
- Volga Classic (21,24);
- Jeep Cherokee XJ;
- Chevrolet Blazer;
- Toyota Hilux;
- Toyota LC70.


- Harley Davidson;
- Honda (CB400-1300,X4,X11,VTX,Shadow,Valkyrie);
- Yamaha (XJR400-1300,V-star);
- Suzuki (SV400-1000,GSR400-1200; Intruder,Boulevard);
- Kawasaki ZRX400-1200 with 5”X7 headlight”;
- Ducati Monster;
-Triumph Classic&Touring.
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