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      Mechanical car tire pressure gauge from a well-known Japanese company that produces wheels-RAYS!
   It is no secret that the pressure in the tires of racing cars is an important point in preparing the car for the race. For each type of track surface, for a particular weather, for a different brand of rubber-there is a pressure that will give the tire an optimal grip on the track. That's why you need a good assistant in selecting the exact reading that breaks out of the wheel's nipple. 

     - Due to the rubber seal located at the end of the connecting part of the hose-air loss is minimized, which allows you to achieve an accurate reading;
  - Rubber protection of the pressure gauge body, will save the fragile reading mechanism from unwanted damage when hitting or falling;
   - Accurate scale gradation in the range from 150 to 250 KPa (1.5-2.5 Bar) every 5 KPa will help you to adjust the tire pressure with accuracy up to 0.05 Bar. The setting is performed by a pressure relief valve located on the handle.

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