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Original brake pads B-Spec with improved performance that reduce the amount of dust and noise.

This relatively inexpensive model sports brake pads ensures reliable deceleration. Pads are more resistant to heating of the brake disc, so will not fail even in extreme situations.

Project offers various sizes of pads for cars manufactured after 1985.

Material: do not contain asbestos

Maximum operating temperature: 500°C

Friction coefficient: 0,32 – 0,45 µ

Feature B-Spec

The initial actuation - 8

Brake efficiency - 7

Influence on the wear of the brake disc - 9

Dust - 6

Noise - 6

Lifespan - 9

* - Assessment of the effectiveness is from 1 to 10


Subaru Impreza GC8 (WRX) GC8(WRX-RA/WRX-RA STI, 15inch, 2 pistons) GC8(WRX-STI Ver. 4, 2 pistons) GC8 (SRX/WRX/WRX-RA, 2 pistons)

Subaru Impreza SportWagon GF8(WRX) GF8 (WRX) GF8 (SRX/WRX/V-LTD) GF8(WRX-STI Ver. 5/6, 2 pistons)

Subaru Forester SF5 SF9

Subaru Legacy BD5(RS-TURBO/GT-TURBO) BD9

Subaru Legacy B4 BE5(RS/RSK, 2 pistons) BE5 (RS-B, RS-S) BE5(BLITZEN2002, 2 pistons) BE9 BEE

Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon BG4 BG5 BH5 BG9 BGC BH9 BHC BHE


Subaru Forester
Subaru Impreza
Subaru Legacy
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