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S-chassis BENT type knuckles, Limit Break The new version of the LIMIT BREAK rotary fists was developed by the American company PARTS SHOP MAX with the participation of one of the top drivers of Formula Drift-Matt Field. The fists are made of aluminum by casting with subsequent CNC machining: the solid-cast construction will provide better resistance to damage compared to welded fists. In this version of the fists, the engineers of PARTS SHOP MAX applied an excellent solution in the form of adjusting the offset of the axis of the steering tip finger relative to the steering bipod. This made it possible to change the Ackerman angle by selecting special washers from the set, which will allow you to adjust the handling of the car to any configuration of the track. A total of 24 washers are offered in the set, which makes it possible to use 6 different settings of the Ackerman angle. LIMIT BREAK rotary fists are proposed to be used with the FLCA-set of levers and tips of the same version. In comparison with the previous version, the rotary fists POWERED BY MAX LIMIT BREAK will allow you to: - Choose the desired Ackerman angle – Get a wide front wheelbase – Get even more wheel eversion
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