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Rear suspension stabilizer bar sleeve

If your car has any rubber bushings and silentblocks in the suspension, which can be replaced with polyurethane parts, then You will only improve the characteristics of the suspension and its operation. Polyurethane parts will last at least 5 times longer than rubber parts. Control over handling and maintain suspension geometry in extreme driving conditions. You have a better sense of the car and its capabilities. Polyurethane parts improve the behavior of the car on the road, reducing unwanted deformations in the suspension and eliminating the "squeeze" effect inherent in rubber parts. This means that the suspension always works in the mode provided by the designers. Properly installed and selected polyurethane parts always work better, absorbing shock, vibration and reducing noise compared to rubber.

DESCRIPTION: MERCEDES 163 ML 270, 400, 230, 320, 350, 430, 500, 55AM

OEM: A1633200032


MATERIAL: Polyurethane

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