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Multilink FLCA - Front Lower Control Arms With Tension Rod Set

Multi-link kit FLCA — Levers and thrust

New jet thrust levers and the N1 have a significant margin of safety, thanks to thick-walled and reinforced hubs, forged tips and a record long thread at signalized junctions. Set of levers ensures a good supply of space for understated car, allowing you to fine-tune the suspension to give the car the required characteristics. With adjustments, vastly superior regular as the range and number of possible combinations, you can obtain the necessary value of "understeer", the clutch of the nature of the tire wear and the tendency of the car to initiate the drift, providing accurate, predictable, "clean" the feeling of control achieved complete rejection of rubber bushes — all rubber-metal elements (silent blocks) are excluded from this version of the suspension. A guarantee of quality in workmanship and the effectiveness of the suspension is our years of experience and application of levers No. 1 in the top-level competitions: RDS, D1GP, Russian drift, in which cars with suspension N1 always competitive, reliable, and regularly "reach" to the podium.

High strength fasteners required for secure installation of levers supplied in the kit.

To achieve the maximum effect in modifying driving characteristics, a set of levers can be supplemented bushings steering rack 38116 or 44552, cast steering knuckles 40081 and suspension struts 37804 or 40985 (depending on your generation's).

Key features of FLCA kit N1:

- Expandable gauge up to 45 mm for S13, to 35 mm on the S14/15 (compared with the standard suspension), up to 400 mm from the axis of the external attachment to the axis of the inner

One year warranty for no manufacturing defects

- Thick-walled construction of the tube of the lever and reaction rod

- Spherical joints in each of the 6 points are Teflon-coated for reliability and reduced internal friction

Very convenient mechanism of adjustment and fixation of moving parts — external clamp, fitted with nuts that do not require verification of tightening allowed to refuse retaining (retaining bracket) nuts, which greatly increases the speed and ease of adjustments

- Super-long torque arm, thanks to the ball joint (vs two bolts in the standard version) and a large length, provide an outstanding range of adjustments

- SHS mounted on spring retaining rings, which provides high reliability and ease of maintenance

- Spacers of the pivot pin in the form of a bell in a place of fastening of the control arm to the subframe have a large area fit for enhancing the attachment and provides good mobility to the joint

- The outer race of bearings has a conical shape for accurate position and lack of distortions

- Two stabilizer attachment also provides the flexibility of suspension tuning

- Levers are powder painted to increase lifetime and maintain attractive appearance

Collect the suspension once and do it right.


Nissan Silvia
Nissan Skyline
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