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Rear hub bearing (external support) GAZ-3302 (GAZelle)
Rear hub bearing (outer support) GAS 2705, 32212, 32213, 33021, 33023, 27057, 32217, 322172, 322173, 33027, 330273
Front axle and rear axle differential bearing GAZ-3105, GAZ-31052
Rear hub bearing (external support) GAZ-3221
Front wheel hub bearing GAZelle 4x4 (2001) GAZ-3302, GAZ-33021, GAZ-2705, GAZ-3221
Front wheel hub bearing (external) GAZelle 4x4 GAZ-33027, GAZ-330273, GAZ-27057
Gearbox bearing ZIL 4331, 433100
Final drive bearing of the rear axle of the tractor MTZ-622 " Belarus"
MTZ-1221 tractor front(drive) axle gear bearing
Wheel bearing (PR-15.00.360) baler Bobruiskagromash PR-f-110
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