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    Pipes / pipes of the FORA brand are produced according to the" own recipe " by Forward Auto company in the near abroad. Dimensions, properties and characteristics are adapted to the Russian market, taking into account the wishes of car owners and the necessary operating requirements for our country. 
    The pipes have a high reserve of heat resistance coefficient, which has a very positive effect on the durability of the rubber product. The product can withstand prolonged exposure to hot technical liquid (approximately 170-180°C) without being destroyed from the inside. 
    The outer shell has an elastic structure – this affects the fact that there is minimal deformation of the product after fixing it with a yoke on the opposite part. In winter, the tubes show good characteristics in terms of elasticity. 

     The pipe consists of: 
    - internal temperature-resistant silicone shell with a thickness of 2-4 mm, depending on the internal diameter; 
    - reinforced layer, including 3 or 4 layers of threads filled with a rubber-like mass; 
    - the outer part consisting of rubber and silicone mass in the form of "hot" tape wound on the reinforcing part.

100 мм
Силикон, резина, 4 слоя армировки
The type of nozzle
64 мм
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