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The mechanical blind of the oxygen sensor serves as a spacer between the exhaust pipe and the sensor, thereby distancing the sensor from the exhaust gases. Thus, the decoy allows you to change the data about the oxygen content in the exhaust gases. The spacer is necessary when replacing the standard catalyst with a flame extinguisher or a straight-through pipe to extinguish the oxygen error that occurs, since without a standard catalyst, the temperature and oxygen content in the gases changes at the place where the lambda probe is installed.

Decoy restrictor = 3mm

The decoy is made on a high-precision CNC turning and milling machine.

Used corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant martensitic raw steel grade 40x, simple stainless steel.

The material used is stainless steel, to ensure the durability of the product, so that there are no problems with removing/installing the decoy and lambda probe, during maintenance work with the exhaust system or when replacing the lambda probes, i.e. to avoid "sticking", corrosion of the decoy due to the features of its location, where it experiences temperature changes, and can also be located in a damp place under the bottom of the car.

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