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Reinforced brake hoses Ford Focus Mazda 3 Axela, Japan.

 Reinforced hoses allow you to increase the efficiency of the brake system by eliminating pulsation and reducing the loss of working distance.
Allow you to shorten the stroke of the brake pedal.

 The reinforcement of the hose is made of stainless steel threads and has a Teflon coating on the inner surface. At the same time, the necessary flexibility of the hose is maintained.
It is used in the loaded elements of the brake system and the turbocharger lubrication system.

 Operating temperature range: - 73C to +232C.
Rated pressure: 200 bar;
Maximum pressure: 840 bar;

 They have a reinforced braid, which significantly improves their characteristics: clarity of braking(when using a rubber hose, part of the effort is lost due to the fact that the hose swells, and the reinforced one has a greater stiffness and gives the force a gap), durability ( the rubber wears out faster with frequent use.).

 The brake hose must transmit the braking force with as little loss as possible. Serial rubber brake hoses expand during operation. The brake force on the pedal will be uncertain, the sense of braking is lost, the braking distance becomes longer.
In reinforced brake hoses, the braking force is constant even under extreme loads.
 Rubber brake hoses respond to weather conditions and UV radiation. The material becomes brittle and brittle. Molecules of water get into the brake circuit. As a result, the boiling point of the brake fluid becomes lower, which leads to a ripple of the brake force in the circuit and the failure of the brake pedal.
Reinforced brake hoses do not require maintenance, are not damaged by old age and work for the entire service life.


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