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XR-1 Multi-Core, Center/Offset

Input = 63 mm

Output = 63 mm

Length = 355 mm

Case diameter = 241 mm

Millions of exhaust systems around the world are replaced every year due to corrosion. Automobile exhaust gases are a mixture of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, unburned hydrocarbons, and moisture. This mixture condenses and destroys the components of the exhaust systems from the inside. Outside, the systems are constantly exposed to aggressive dirt, moisture and salt. All these elements, combined with constant vibration and high temperatures, lead to rapid failure of systems made of cheap steel.

Therefore, BORLA® uses only aviation stainless steel in its systems that can resist increased corrosion. This material is very durable and does not corrode either inside or outside, unlike other metals coated on the outside only for appearance. The application of various aluminum coatings can partially extend the life of systems, but they are ineffective in the field of welding seams. The stainless steel used by the company, with a high content of chromium, is the best choice of material for exhaust systems.

BORLA ® exhaust systems have an unprecedented Million-Mile warranty by using high-quality t304 stainless steel. Compared to cheaper and widely used mild steel or aluminum grades, t304 steel is significantly more resistant to corrosion due to its high chromium content.

Separately, you need to pay attention to the sound quality of BORLA®exhaust systems. The sound becomes lower and more bass compared to standard systems. Dense, powerful, with a pleasant note of aggressiveness, the sound does not leave any chance to remain indifferent to the sound of the BORLA®exhaust system.


355 мм
63 мм
63 мм
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