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Tested in battle

The new EFR series from Borg Warner combines all the latest turbocharger technologies at the moment.

With features and benefits such as:

The low inertia of the impeller ensures a fast spool.
The Gamma-Ti turbine impeller increases the response by up to 50%. Wheel sizes range from 55 to 80mm.

Heat-resistant turbine Housing.
Cast turbine housing made of high-strength stainless steel and extremely smooth internal processing for better airflow. The turbine housings have thin walls to reduce weight and thermal inertia.

High efficiency.
Special processing of the "Superback” and “Fullback" impellers ensures very high efficiency. The "Superback" shape of the rear part of the impeller reduces centrifugal resonances and increases the speed of rotation.

The excellent response of the turbine.
EFR turbochargers use a double ball bearing cartridge with ceramic balls in a metal cage. This system provides a significant reduction in friction at low speeds and in the process helps to improve the response of the turbine.

Universal compressor housing.
The “large cover " housing has a double universal flange for connecting silicone or v-band.

Easy installation.
The integrated compressor recirculation valve (CRV) helps to avoid the effects of "surge" and "backflow" which simplifies and reduces the cost of the entire system as a whole.

Forged milled compressor impellers (FMW).
EFR turbines use fully milled "Billet" forged aluminum wheels. Greater strength and lower weight compared to traditional casting.

Speed sensor.
A platform for installing the sensor is provided on all housings. Sensors are sold separately.

Boost solenoid valve (BCSV).
It is integrated into the compressor part and is included in all EFR series turbines.

Built-in high-efficiency Westgate.
Large built-in Westgate ports provide high throughput for serious projects.

Easy to rotate.
Simple orientation of the compressor part relative to the turbine part by means of a connection in the area of the ball bearing.

Adjustable Westgate.
Installation and configuration is greatly simplified when using EFR turbines with integrated westgates. There are three sizes of westgates to choose from and each can be customized.
The BorgWarner EFR 7670 SuperCore turbine includes a Central part with impellers, a compressor snail with a blow-off and a solenoid. The turbine part is sold separately.

  In order to assemble a complete turbine to the SuperCore, you need to purchase a turbine snail, a Westgate actuator, an actuator bracket, and an installation kit. 
Flange: T3
Compressor impeller: 57.2 mm / 76.2 mm
Low-inertia gamma-Ti turbine impeller
Turbine impeller: 61 mm / 69.5 mm
Bearing system: 360 degree thrust bearing
Cooling system: oil cooling 
country USA

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