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The temperature in the engine compartment of cars of the past, slightly exceeded the ambient temperature. There was enough space around the engine to easily carry out any maintenance operations, and the spark plugs could be replaced without removing anything accompanying them. With the increasing complexity of the design, increasing the density of installation of units and aggregates, the temperature of the under-hood space increases constantly.

Modern cars have compact engine compartments, much less air circulation, and increased engine heating with attachments. All these factors are due to the economy, environmental friendliness, the desire to make cars more convenient and efficient, which leads us to the emergence of a new phenomenon - an aggressive environment under the hood. The "workplace" for powertrain components is becoming increasingly harsh and hostile.

Materials that are used in the manufacture of parts do not always keep up with the progress of the requirements that are imposed on them, and this leads to a decrease in reliability.

By replacing rubber or ethylene-propylene rubber (EPDM) pipes and hoses with silicone, you will get excellent resistance to temperature effects - both to heating and cooling, high pressures and rarefaction.

Even in Motorsport, the installation of silicone pipes and hoses is no longer considered as an element of tuning or improvement - it is a basic element, without which it is impossible to create a reliable and efficient power unit.

Pipes and hoses are not included in the list of parts subject to regular replacement and are only removed when the failure occurs, when the failure has already occurred, and the unit is out of order. That is why they are subject to thorough regular inspection and preventive replacement at the slightest signs of wear, or an increase in the load on the power unit.

Silicone parts, unlike rubber, are not afraid of high and low temperatures, high pressures and are not subject to cracking and loss of tightness.


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