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Aquamist has been an innovator in the water/methanol injection market since 2003. The HFS-3 kit is designed to be equipped with a pulse width modulation (PWM) valve. This makes it possible for the system to accurately control the injection of a water-methanol mixture, which is necessary for modern, high-performance engines.

The information sensor, flow sensor, and Plug-and-play level components reduced setup time.

The controller receives data on injectors loading (IDC) and intake manifold pressure (MPS) from the engine control unit and based on this data provides injection in the required volume. This allows you to calculate and maintain the exact proportion of methanol / water under any load conditions. The system can also be controlled from another unit (ECU) that has its own map of the water-methanol mixture.

The high-speed metering valve (”Fast Acting Valve " - FAV) delivers precise injection volume thanks to the pulse-width modulation signal received from the HFS-3 controller. The pressure remains constant (160psi), due to the fact that the pump operates in by-pass mode. Pulse-width control provides a wide range of system operation.


The HFS-2 kit does not include the Dash Gauge and the liquid flow sensor, since this kit is designed for use in more gentle operating conditions that do not require such a wide range of protection systems. The kit includes an on/off button that allows you to deactivate the system if necessary and reduce the boost pressure.

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