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Quality: 100% synthetic

Viscosity: 10w60

Volume: filling.

High-quality, fully synthetic engine oil for high-power, high-speed sports car engines

AIMOL Sportline 10W-60 is a high-quality, fully synthetic engine oil of the latest generation based on a synergistic combination of PAO (polyalphaolefins), esters (diesters) and an advanced additive package.

The oil is specially developed for use in engines of high-powered, tuning and sports gasoline and diesel cars operating under extreme conditions of high loads, maximum rpm and speeds, where viscosity stability is required over a wide temperature range. Due to the high viscosity of the oil at high operating temperatures, a thick film is provided that reliably protects mechanisms operating in conditions of boundary friction from wear.


- Any naturally aspirated, turbocharged and multi-valve car engines

- Racing car

- Tuning cars

- Rally, ring racing, drifting, street racing, etc.

- Heavy duty sports engines

- Aggressive driving style with high engine loads


- Super high viscosity index provides the widest temperature range of oil application

- Reliable engine protection under extreme loads, speeds and temperatures

- Low fuel consumption even in turbocharged engines

- Seals gaps in the cylinder-piston group and provides the highest engine power

- Easy pumpability provides excellent starting properties even at sub-zero temperatures

- Prevents" dry " friction of parts at extremely high temperatures

- The high alkaline number of the oil helps to neutralize acidic impurities formed during fuel combustion and high operating temperatures, and also maintains a high engine cleanliness

- Specially selected synthetic formula of the product provides unsurpassed performance properties (anti-wear, detergent-dispersing, anti-oxidizing, anti-corrosion, etc. properties)


AIMOL Sportline 10W-60-meets and exceeds the following levels of requirements/ specifications:


ACEA A3/B3/B4 (08)

MB 229.1

BMW Special Oil

VW 500.00/505.00


Typical characteristic:

Density at 15C, g / ml (ASTM D1298): 0.854

Flash point in open crucible, C (ASTM D97): 227

Kinematic viscosity at 40C, cSt (ASTM D445): 184

Kinematic viscosity at 100C, cSt (ASTM D445): 25.1

Dynamic viscosity at -30C (pumpability in MRV viscometer), SDR (ASTM D4684): 21,500

Viscosity index (ASTM D2270): 170

Yield point, C (ASTM D97): -36

Base number, mg KOH/g (ASTM D2896): 9.6

Sulphate ash content, % by weight (ASTM D874): 1.0

Health and safety:

AIMOL Sportline 0W-40-engine oil does not have any negative impact on human health when used correctly and following safety regulations.


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