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    Magnum FLOW Pro DRY S is an air filter consisting of three layers of a thin mesh synthetic medium. The filter, which does not require oil impregnation, provides maximum convenience and ease of maintenance while maintaining the volume of intake air flow. The progressive composition of the filter medium allows the filter to remain functional even at high levels of contamination.
    The progressive composition of the rubber base of the filter is a flexible and sealing surface that will fit even the most curved filter housing, this design does not involve the use of gaskets or sealants. The soft urethane base always returns to its original shape, which ensures perfect filtration and sealing of the surface every time the filter is installed.
    The evenly distributed folds of the filter element are easy to clean and wash they are high and open, provide excellent dust collection capacity and extend the service cycle between cleaning operations.  

      Can be applied to:
Audi Q7, 2007-2016, V6-3.0L/3.6L, V8-4.2L;
Land Rover/Range Rover, 2008-2009, V8-4.4L;
Porsche Cayenne, 2003-2016 V6-3.0L/V6-3.0L, Hybrid/3.0L/3,2L/3,6L, V8-4,5L/4,8L/4,8L;
VW Touareg, 2004-2016, V6-3.0L (tdi)/3,0L, Hybrid/3,2L/3,6L, V8-4,2L/V10-4,9L (tdi)/5,0L (tdi).  

    Note: not suitable for Land Rover/Range Rover, 2006-2009, V8-4.2L supercharged. 

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