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    Magnum FLOW Pro DRY S is an air filter consisting of two layers of a thin mesh synthetic medium. 100% polyurethane base on both sides of the filter. The conical filter, which does not require oil impregnation, provides maximum convenience and ease of maintenance while maintaining the volume of air intake. 
  Easy to clean and reusable, the high and open, evenly distributed folds of the filter element provide excellent dust collection capacity and extend the service cycle between cleanings. 
 Plastic polyurethane landing flange with grooves ensures tightness and absence of air gaps between the pipe and the filter, during the entire service life of the filter.
    This type of filter, that is, with a dry filter element, is designed to hold particles up to 5 microns. Therefore, these filters require installation on vehicles with a MAP sensor.


Bore diameter
90 мм
The size of the bottom of the base
152*280 мм
Overall height
152 мм
Нетканно-синтетический с усилением
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