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    AEM Dryflow air filters are washable filters designed for an optimal combination of airflow, filtration and performance. The Dryflow design uses an innovative high-performance oil-free filter material that is easy to clean, durable, and provides excellent air filtration.  This type of "zero" has a wire mesh to give the structure-strength. They are made of synthetic fibers.  
    Reusable and washable, dry type filter (does not require special impregnation) on a synthetic basis, which is easy to clean. Also, this protection has a strong internal plastic frame, thanks to which the filter retains its shape even under the most extreme operating conditions. Dryflow "nulls" do not contain oil in the base of the filter element, so they can be cleaned with water, and then do not apply oil to them for impregnation purposes.  
 Most "zero" cone filters are made of heavy-duty and flexible rubber bases that absorb vibration, provide a reliable connection, and stretch up to 1.5 mm in diameter.   

    - Designed to increase power; 
    - oil-free dry filter design; 
    - easy to wash and reuse; 
    - easy to install in the air filter housing; 
   - synthetic fibers in a dry environment that do not require oil impregnation; 
    - large volume cells to increase air flow; 
 - aluminum screen in the form of a mesh adds strength and "smoothes" the air flows entering the filter.

Bore diameter
76 мм
The size of the bottom of the base
152 мм
The height of the filter element
130 мм
Overall height
172 мм
Нетканно-синтетический с усилением
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