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Set of connecting rod inserts (Con rod bearing set)

For TOYOTA 2jzge, 2JZGTE engines

A unique combination of design, material and engineering expertise has come together to give the driver what they want from high-performance trimetal liners.

Designed to operate at higher engine speeds, the Race series ACL liners are available for many vehicles and have the following features:

High coating strength with reduced thickness

The back of the inserts is made of hardened steel

3/4 grooves on the Main Bearings provide optimal lubrication

Exact size

Enlarged chamfers where possible

Size STD

Oil Clearance Standard

Half Type Identical Halves

Material Tri-metal Hardened steel backs

Min Std Shaft Size 2.0465 in / 51.981 mm

Max Std Shaft Size 2.0472 in / 52.0 mm

Min Std Tunnel Size 2.1663 in / 55.024 mm

Max Std Tunnel Size 2.167 in / 55.042 mm

Max Wall at Crown 0.0593 in / 1.506 mm

Max Overall Length 0.7598 in / 19.30 mm

XY*** * H-.025 ACL *BRAND* *The engine* preparation of the ear reduced oil clearance +.025

XY*** * H-.25 ACL *BRAND* * Engine * K-kt liners 1st repair +.25

XY*** * H-.50 ACL *BRAND* * Engine * K-kt liners 2nd repair +.50

XY****H-STD ACL * BRAND* * Engine* K-kt STD liners (nominal)

XY*** * H-X ACL * BRAND* * Engine * K-CT liners increased oil clearance -.025

X - number of necks (4,6,8, etc)

Y - type of inserts B-connecting rod, M-root


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