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Auto blanket "Avtoteplo" - insulation for the engine, it does not burn and slows down cooling three times. The car starts better and warms up faster.
Universal fire-resistant insulation for passenger and truck engines. Designed to insulate the engine compartment. It can withstand temperatures up to + 1200 degrees. Unique thermal and sound insulation material with excellent data, environmentally friendly.

- High thermal and sound insulation efficiency, saving Your personal time and fuel;
- Fuel economy-about 20 liters per month;
- Low thermal conductivity;
- Fire resistance, heat resistance. Withstands temperatures up to + 1200 degrees;
- Resistance to acids and alkalis;
- Good electrical insulation properties;
- Environmentally friendly, non-toxic;
- Durability;
- Quick and easy installation;
- Use as a fire-resistant canopy, bedding for repairs and recreation.

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