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Opening hours of the hot line 04:00 - 19:00 Moscow time.

Direct speech of the owner: "the Car was purchased back in the College years and further developed into a sports equipment and also became a reflection of my fascination with cars. I think that it is one of the ambitious and high-quality drift-projects of the Urals Federal district."

Features at the moment:


2JZ-GTE non-vvti JZS147 1994
Turbocharger Garrett GTX3076R A/R of 0.82 (pressure of 1.2 Bar)
The crankshaft pulley ATI Titan Motorsport
Timing belt Gates Kevlar
The control unit FEV

Fuel system:

Fuel pump Aeromotive Stealth 340 l, fitted/h
Fuel rail HKS replica under the top of the download
Injector Denso 850 cc
Fuel regulator Sard
The fuel rail is assembled on the fittings and hoses Autobahn88

Exhaust system:

Randonnai exhaust manifold stainless steel V. Lakisov
Westgate TiAL MVR 44 mm
Downpipe custom 80 mm stainless steel
Muffler HKS Silent Hi-Power


Intercooler Greedy LS
Blowoff TiAL Q VTA BOV 50 mm
The K&N Filter

Cooling system:
Radiator KOYO cooling from the Supra JZA80 rear set
Highway cooling systems stainless steel + hoses and fittings, Autobahn88
Silicone cooling hoses Autobahn88
Additional pump EWP DaviesCraig
Oil thermostat Greedy TRUST
Radiator cooling of engine oil Earl's
Radiator cooling oil Gur Earl's


Manual transmission R154 JZX100
Clutch Exedy Hyper Twin damping ceramics
Kardan SXE10 RS200 AT
Gearbox LSD Cusco RZ 8' GP 3,7
Drive JZX100 TourerV


Coilovers KTS SC DAMPER SYSTEM beta(Beta)
Shortened bipod ShedSkills — Workshop
Front springs 18 kg/mm rear 8 kg/mm
Front upper adjustable arms Cusco
Front longitudinal adjustable levers N1
Rear lower/longitudinal/transverse adjustable arms HardRace
Front upper 3 point strut Cusco
Front lower strut Cusco
Rear lower strut Cusco
Stabilizers Hotchkis
The front RAYS wheels GramLights 57Xtreme SP spec 9.5 J ET12
Discs rear RAYS Gram Lights 57Xtreme SP spec is 10.5 J ET22

Brake system:

Front brakes Supra JZA80 RZ
Reinforced brake hoses Goodridge
Additional rear caliper Ate


Warney safety frame Kiwamaru Annex J
Sport seats Sparco EVO2
Seat belts SCHROTH
Gidroručnik B&S
Simpleton steering wheel QSP
Steering Wheel Nardi Deep Corn
Sensors Defi BF red 60mm


Custom front fenders
Custom rear fenders
Trunk lid Seibon carbon
Hood Seibon carbon
Door front carbon madeinJapan
Doors rear carbon madeinJapan
Original TRD body kit
Rear view mirror carbon madeinJapan
Custom rear wing 1800 mm carbon
Multi-layered vinyl from CIAY