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EJ257 330 HP

Subaru Impreza WRX STI 

A fighter with "Evolution"

No, this machine not opposed to develop. Rather, to win on the race track main rival with three diamonds on the hood, it requires thorough revision. The car was purchased in 2015, in absolutely standard condition with mileage less than 3000 km, i.e. practically new.
The first thing Tha came to the FORWARD CAR to install a "gentleman's set" of sensors, since she had to play in the Time Attack Red Ring. Engine EJ257 really doesn't like overheating, so I installed the gauges: oil temperature, oil pressure, coolant temperature and exhaust gas temperature from the companyDEFIthe Advance CR series, and for a long and happy life of the turbine was connected to the HKS turbo timer Type-1.

For sure keep the driver behind the wheel is mounted full racing "bucket"Sparco ERGO IIandfour-point belts Sabelt. At first glance, from a standard car, the interior is distinguished by only these changes, but in fact, was carried out painstaking work on the facilitation of the machine. For example, was dismantled the rear doors, as, despite the presence of rear seat passengers there will be hardly. All work on the weight change were conducted under the constant supervision on the professional scales to achieve an optimal balance.

Even at the Amateur level in the sport of racing on standard suspension very few people will overtake, so instead of regular racks installedTEIN STREET FLEXand reinforced body struts. SUBARU engineers are very proud of their transmission, which is why it was decided not to resort to global alterations in this part. The cushions of the rear gearbox insert setWhitelineto reduce backlash under load, and the standard cardan was replaced by a lighter carbon fiber productDriveshaft. For the transmission of torque with a lightweight flywheelExedymeets the enhanced traction of the same company.

The exterior of this WRX STi is practically no different from the standard, improvements are aimed at effectiveness, not efficiency. To further facilitate the front end and better engine cooling installed a carbon fiber hoodCrowand the front bumper modified to provide additional cooling of the front brakes. By the way, about the brake system. Standard Brembo calipers well enough, and with brake discs and pads had to think about. Empirically it was found that the conventional high-temperature brake pads and standard brake discs is not enough, so the new season will be set rimsProject Mu SCR PRO seriesand pads the same manufacturer of the racing lineRacing999

At the moment the car is in excess of 1.6 atmospheres withinjection Vodopyanova mixture from AEMand gives "only" 330 horsepower, and this is the main problem when it comes to dealing with EVO. Standard turbine just does not hold more boost, so in the season of 2018, the organizers of a series of Time Attack allowed the owners of the STi to change the turbine to a more productive and remain in the class "Turbostar". Do take advantage of the owner of this Subaru the opportunity to enhance the engine's power to the beginning of the season, we learn very soon!